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to the beginning of your journey from engagement to the happiest day of your life! 


To be married is the decision made with a promise to each other to make it a reality.  A long range plan or one where time is of the essence are embraced with the appropriate time factor. 


Commemorate your marriage on an anniversary or a life altering moment by a Renewal Ceremony.  With many life experiences behind you, bring your pledges and promises to one another with a personal touch by repeating those first vows and adding words to express your life lessons learned together.


You have found one another to be that 'special' person in your life and you are now ready to tell the world about

your commitment to each other. 

Ceremonies on Time

Marriage, Commitment and Renewal Ceremonies may be fashioned to reflect the elegance, simplicity, tradition, or theme of your special day. Selecting your marriage commissioner is one of the first tasks in planning your wedding or ceremony. As spring, Summer, and Fall weekends tend to be reserved months or sometimes years in advance, it is wise to decide on a date, time, and location prior to inquiring regarding availability. It is very important that whomever you choose is able to meet your expectations regarding your ceremony content and that you are completely comfortable with that person. Every marriage commissioner has his/her own style and brings various avenues and degrees of expertise in dealing with the public and addressing unusual situations. This is your day. 

* Meetings and contact in person, via phone or e-mail are unlimited in number from the day your occasion is reserved.

* Initial meetings may be on a 'meet and greet' basis at which time my fee is discussed; to book your event, meetings will need at minimum of one hour.

* A retainer of $100.00 is required in order to hold your date, time, and location of your ceremony.

* Receipts are issued for all monies received.

Planning on Time

1.  Decisions:  Ceremony date, time, and location

2.  Select your Marriage  Commissioner  and arrange to meet as soon as possible to reserve your special day

3. Work with other service providers to ensure they are available.  (photographers, caterers, florists, music providers)

4. Insist on open communication with all vendors

5.  Work with officiate on numerous drafts of your ceremony

6. Ask questions!

7. To rehearse or not to rehearse - the decision is yours (must be blocked time-wise)


  • are conducted upon request and must be reserved
  • are very detailed and include every movement of the ceremony as per final ceremony draft
  • are successful if everyone involved with the ceremony is present
  •  ensure that participants are aware and comfortable with their responsibilities during the ceremony
  • are best done two days before your event (if possible)
  • can be a steep learning curve for some and a great fun time for all.

My Goal:  to be flexible to include personal vows, embellishments, and children and any family members

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Civil Marriage Ceremony?

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