The end of life is a milestone as are birth and marriage.   The Service centers and includes the person whose life we are honoring as well as family and friends experiencing their loss. The circumstances leading to the passing of your loved one will set the tone and bring a personalized and meaningful remembrance. Religious components such as scripture, hymns, and prayers can be included as well as traditions honoring careers in the Military, First Responders, and Government officials to name only a few.  Grief and loss are a part of our lives. It is an emotional pain that goes beyond anything you can imagine. I am available to guide you through this difficult time. I have a standard order of the service from which we will develop a specific tribute that includes meaningful recollections of days gone by.

My Pledge

My pledge is to take care of those who are left behind at the time of a loved one's passing. It's being there to give support, compassion, and to advise families in helping them make informed choices resulting in a service which will offer consolation and closure.

The Process

Generally a Funeral Service must be planned in less than 72 hours (3 days) and a Celebrant planned Ceremony consists of a minimum of 20 hours of interviews, research, and writing. Please contact the Celebrant as quickly as possible during your time of need to ensure availability and enough time for planning. For a memorial service there may be more time between the actual death of your Loved One and the scheduled service, however, it is still important that you contact the Celebrant as soon as you know of your need for the memorial.

Your Preferences

I will work with you to create a heartfelt and original service, rich and personal, reflecting your beliefs and wishes. The departed will be honoured in an appropriate way and I will ensure that the funeral runs as smoothly as possible.

Initial Gathering

 Meeting with family members to express sympathy and understanding in order to learn the family dynamics. 

Learning the accomplishments and special personality traits.  Encouraging open discussion and sharing of memories. 

The Service

Composing the service to reflect respect and treasured memories

Opening Words of Grace

Opening Prayers


Lords Prayer

Psalms/Scripture Readings


Eulogies presented by family/friends

Closing Hymn

Dismissal with Blessing.

Grave-side service available on request.


Conducting the Celebration of Life and intermingling with mourners post ceremony.

Addressing questions and concerns regarding various organizations that require notification of the passing of your loved one. 

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