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Mission:   to create your vision and to express your sentiments your way and on time. 

Bookings accepted for  2020  and 2021 events.  

Joan Tkaczyk

Marriage Commissioner and Certified Celebrant

11 years experience changing lives for people in love and for those dealing with loss. 

Life begins with unknown journeys that take us in many directions on roads that lead us forward with hope,

enthusiasm as well as obstacles and circumstances that sometimes take us the long way around to arrive at the present.  

From this we learn 

For every​thing there is a season:

Silence, speaking, plan​ting, reaping.

Birth and dying, laughter, weeping.

Each one has its season and its special time to be.

Memorable ceremonies designed in your personal style will be forever remembered by your family and friends.  I offer decades of Education Administration experience and ten years (1000+ weddings) as a designated Marriage Commissioner to organize your thoughts, ideas, and wishes to develop a unique ceremony to suit your occasion and always 'on time'.  

To learn more

 e-mail: [email protected]         OR

phone: 780 434-2931 and 780 910-2018 (cell)    OR

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